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Community buzz

“I'm extremely impressed with what Bram (Bee) is doing over here on his site. The combination of content and design is seriously A+, and signing up for the newsletter alone is worth the visit. Recommend++”

Daniel MiesslerFounder of Unsupervised Learning

“One of the best bug bounty newsletters”

Ben Sadeghipour (NahamSec)Cofounder & CEO Hacking Hub, Advisor @ trick3st, Bug Bounty Village & NahamCon organizer, ex-HackerOne

“Securibee probably has the best bug bounty-related newsletter out there! Starting off, the whole website is awesome. The design looks so good, and there's a lot of information there.”

STÖKCreative Director and Hacker at Truesec

“It has been, personally, one of my favorite newsletters to read in the morning. Very often is there a gem I would’ve otherwise missed without it...They make it easy to discover those hidden-gems pushing the space further...”

Nathanial LattimerSenior Security Engineer at Robinhood

“Thank you for another great newsletter this week! There is so much content that I can’t wait to dive into!”

Ryan ElkinsApplication Security Engineer at AWS

“I really enjoy securibee's newsletter, I honestly find so much insightful stuff there.”

Katie Paxton-FearDoctor, Creator, Lecturer & Hacker.

“I was inspired by securibee and his awesome newsletter!”

Luke StephensFounder of and HackerContent

“No words to describe what you do for our community! THANK YOU! <3”

Guillermo GregorioBug Bounty Hunter (Bugcrowd top 15)

“The newsletter is always a highlight of my week! thank you for putting so much work into it”

Cori MacyLead Penetration Testing Consultant at LBMC Information Security, President BSidesNash, DC615 Organizer

“I just have to say that securibee's newsletter brings a smile to my inbox every Monday. Feels so community-oriented and positive. It's a great way to start the week every week. Thank you! ❤️ You're the Ted Lasso of the infosec community 🥳”

Peter MSecurity researcher and Synack #1 SRT 2022-2023

“I love your content man. I can definitely feel Daniel's influence in your work - it's incredibly good quality and very easy to read. You do a fantastic job of condensing what's going on in the community into some bite-sized, easy reading. Keep doing what you're doing!!”

Ben Bidmead (pry0cc)Founder 0x00sec and Offensive Security Engineer at AWS