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A unified theory of fucks - I used to tell this story, about my theory of fucks. The theory goes like so: you are born with so many fucks to give. However many you’ve got is all there is; they are like eggs, that way. Some of us are born with quite a lot, some with less, but none of us knows how many we have. AWORKINGLIBRARY

Microsoft future of work - AMAZONAWS

What's next for Building a Second Brain? (8-Figure CEO Coaches Tiago) - As the founder of ConvertKit, Nathan Barry has a front-row seat to how the world’s biggest creators are building and monetizing their audiences. He’s scaled ConvertKit to more than $40 million in annual revenue and is now coaching Tiago Forte on how to grow his business. YOUTUBE

How Ace Landed 4 GovTech Job Offers Without Any Experience Participate in my 6-Figure Govtech Challenge: In this interview we meet a former Marine who landed not one, but four job offers in the tech world, without having no tech background at all. After serving YOUTUBE

A Recipe for Scaling Security. GOOGLE

Scanning Git for Secrets: The 2024 Comprehensive Guide. What is Git and why does it have secrets? TRUFFLESECURITY

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