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Bullshit hunting, Axiom Pro, and Career Secrets

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  • Axiom Pro Instance Orchestration. GITHUB

  • Spiro is developed to work with AWS and enables extremely fast and simple ec2 instance orchestration. The goal of spiro is to separate the logic of orchestration into a purpose built solution, then, a scanning solution such as swarm can be layered on top. GITHUB

  • Linux for Hackers: LINUX commands you need to know (with OTW). YOUTUBE

  • How Microsoft names threat actors. Microsoft shifted to a new naming taxonomy for threat actors aligned with the theme of weather. We intend to bring better clarity to customers and other security researchers with the nex taxonomy. MICROSOFT

  • Write 3x faster, without lifting a finger. The app I'm using is called@superwhisperapp. It runs natively on macOS and integrates with the system clipboard. SUPERWHISPER

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