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  • 🐝 Hive Five 132 - The key to succeed in bug bounty

🐝 Hive Five 132 - The key to succeed in bug bounty

Hi friends,

Greetings from the hive!

Health is something to easily take for granted. We never really appreciate what we have until it’s gone.

I’ve only been sick for two weeks now, and it’s already been tough. What was once easy becomes a struggle.

Sleepless nights, no more routine, and progress halted. No more plans. Eating becomes a chore, and hobbies fall by the wayside. It’s just me trying to get through the day.

My takeaway is to be more grateful, to be truly thankful for my health, and to help those who are in need.

Let’s take this week by swarm!

🐝 The Bee’s Knees

  1. NahamSec released all of the NahamCon2023 talks. Check out talks by ArchAngelDay, Daniel Miessler, and many more. more

  2. The key to succeed in bug bounty. An interview with hacker and content creator NahamSec. more

  3. AWS Security Series: IAM Vulnerable. Learn how to create your own vulnerable playground using Terraform. Then, learn how to exploit it using 10 privilege escalation scenarios. part 1 | part 2

  4. Chaining our way to Pre-Auth RCE in Metabase (CVE-2023-38646). Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that lets you create charts and dashboards using data from a variety of databases and data sources. more | advisory

  5. The Legacy of Stagefright. Every so often a piece of security research will generate a level of excitement and buzz that’s palpable. Dan Kaminsky’s DNS bug, Barnaby Jack’s ATM Jackpotting, Chris Valasek, and Charlie Miller’s Jeep hacking escapades. more

Which Bee’s Knees was your favorite? Reply with the number (#1, #2, #3, #4, or #5)!

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🔥 Buzzworthy


  1. Dan has rewritten S3Scanner in Go. More features coming soon. more

  2. Jswzl 2023.3.3 features wordlist generation, descriptor highlighting improvements, and more. more

  3. Caido v0.27.2 introduces convert workflows: drag and drop blocks to create complex conversion pipelines. more

  4. gwen001/cloudflare-origin-ip v1.1.3 tries to find the origin IP of a webapp protected by Cloudflare. more

  5. owasp-amass/amass v4.1.0 is an in-depth attack surface mapping and asset discovery. more

📅 Events

  1. NahamSec will be telling a few spooky bug bounty stories at Truffle Sec’s Capfire Security Stories in Vegas. more

  2. STÖK will be a first time speaker at DEFCON with the talk Weaponizing Plain Text: ANSI Escape Sequences as a Forensic Nightmare. more

  3. Join Bugcrowd at the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmo on August 10th from 7-9 PM PST. more

🎉 Celebrate

  1. d3mondev is feeling hyper focused after almost 4 weeks of running every day and eating healthier. Awesome! more

  2. Renniepak is excited to join another Live Hacking Event in Portugal and hack Intel with Intigriti. Go get that MVH! more

  3. Jessica is now a Staff Security Engineer at GoFundMe and Classy. Let’s go! more

💰 Career

  1. A thread with companies that are hiring for dev rel, designers, and developers. more

  2. Snyff is offering public office hours. Hit him up if you want to talk about careers in security, learning security, etc. more

  3. Consulting versus Internal Security, what are the differences? Which is best? Cybersecurity Meg breaks it down. more

  4. Lawrence on social media and tech Twitter: “it should be a minor part of your life.” Focus on how to differentiate yourself, technical depth, and your ability to produce. more

⚡️ Community

  1. Matt reemphasizes how much good stuff is in the two episodes Critical Thinking did on Android hacking. more

  2. Kuldeep spent 12 hours trying to manually exploit a boolean based blind SQL injection because he thought SQLMap couldn’t exploit it. Spoiler alert: it could. more

  3. You can reach DEFCON staff during normal hours of operation to anonymously report any behavior violating our code of conduct or to find an empathic ear by calling + 1 (725) 222-0934. This year we’re also available via Signal and Discord(@defconhotline).

  4. STÖK and Sara are closing their sustainable fashion store and moving up north. Build a house, repair a barn, care for a forest, maybe farm some land and slow things down. more

  5. SickSec is setting up a Discord server exclusively for the Moroccan hacking community. more

📰 Read

  1. Greg shares the behind the scenes when Yahoo dropped a 0day on itself as a response to CVE-2007-3147 and 3148. more

  2. How Secrets Leak in CI/CD Pipelines. Continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) workflows typically require developers to provide valid credentials for the third party resources their pipeline interacts with. more

  3. From IT Support to Bug Bounty Hunting: A Journey into Cybersecurity with CJ Fairhead. more

  4. One Bug at a Time: In depth analysis of 3 IDOR bugs. more

  5. Serverless Functions Post-Mortem. Around 2016, the term “serverless functions” started to take off in the tech industry. In short order, it was presented as the undeniable future of infrastructure. It’s the ultimate solution to redundancy, geographic resilience, load balancing and autoscaling. more

🙏 Support

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💡 Tips

  1. Justin’s XSS context escape brain dump. more

  2. Use keybindings to reduce attempt friction when exploiting. more

  3. How to get unstuck when you’ve plateaued in a bug bounty target. more

  4. How to set up a PoC SSRF server. more

🍯 Follow

Awesome accounts to follow. Randomly selected from my curated Twitter lists.

  1. @n00py1 | n00py | Retweeter of InfoSec/Offsec/Pentest/Red Team. Occasional blogger/Independent security research.

  2. @garrytan | Garry Tan 陈嘉兴 | President & CEO @ycombinator —Founder @Initialized—PM/designer/engineer who helps founders—YouTube creator.

  3. @RayRedacted | Ray [REDACTED] | He/him | Assoc Producer Emeritus: @DarknetDiaries Cybersecurity Researcher.

  4. @joohoi | Joo N/A // @[email protected] | Hacks for beer. FOSS, infosec and privacy. Chaotic good. Managing a red team at @visma.

  5. @JemYoung | Jem Young | Engineering Manager - Web Platform @Netflix. Co-host of @FrontendHH. Instructor on @FrontendMasters. Taller in real life.

🚀 Productivity

  1. TIL you can put apps, files, and folders in the finder toolbar. Just hold the command key and drag it on the toolbar. more

  2. A sneak peek at Obsidian’s newly introduced properties in YAML frontmatter. Currently only available for Insiders. more | related

  3. Why Canvas is great in Obsidian — This video blew my mind. I had no idea these things more

  4. How to stay healthy when life gets busy (as a software developer) by bashbunni. more

🌐 Technology

  1. Esther opens up about her Twitter > X experience. I particularly liked this quote: “Elon has an exceptional talent for tackling hard physics-based problems but products that facilitate human connection and communication require a different type of social-emotional intelligence.” more

  2. How to run a Developer Twitter Space: what to do before, during, and after. more

  3. Worldcoin: a solution in search of its problem. “Having my eyeballs scanned by a shiny chrome orb so I can someday receive cryptocurrency disbursements because artificial intelligence has stolen my job sounds like something from the pages of a half-baked sci-fi novel.” Molly writes. more | related

  4. How to deal with fatal: bad object HEAD in git — for when you have to tame the mythical git creature. more

  5. Apple already shipped attestation on the web, and we barely noticed. There’s been a lot of concern recently about the Web Environment Integrity proposal, developed by a selection of authors from Google, and apparently being prototyped in Chromium. more

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🧠 Wisdom

  1. David on the difference between pixels on a screen and experiencing and doing the real thing — Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting puts it perfectly. more

  2. A great illustration showcasing that hard decisions result in an easy life. more

  3. Meg’s powerful mantra: “I will not let my past traumas dictate my future.” more

  4. How to improve your standing in life: wake up early and work out, invest your free time to build a marketable skill, and live well below your means. more

  5. Michael Phelps: think small to accomplish big things. more

💛 Cross-pollination

  1. Sam Berns philosophy for a happy life. He was diagnosed with Progeria, a rare, rapid aging disease, at the age of 2. more

  2. Listenlater.fm generates a personalized podcast feed for you to listen to. You let it know about articles you’d like to read later. When you do, it adds a spoken version of the article to your feed for you to listen to whenever your ears are free. more

  3. Gangsta Lorem Ipsum dummy text generator. more

  4. The proper way to roll a burrito — I had no idea! more

  5. Steven Deobald: Vipassana for Hackers. In this talk, Steven attempts to create relatable contexts and analogues to describe these mechanics with the objective of making the material accessible, even for those who have never tried meditating before. more

🐝 Fact

Types of mead:

  • BALCHE/PITARILLA: mead fermented with the bark of the balche tree

  • BRACKET/BRAGGET/BRAGOT: beer mixed with honey or mead

  • CAPSICUMEL: mead fermented with chili peppers

  • CHOUCHENN: mead produced in Brittany, sometimes with fresh sea water

  • CYSER: fermented apple and honey

  • CZWORNIAK/DWOINIAK/POLTORAK/TROINI-AK: types of Polish mead with a varying ratio of honey to water

  • HYDROMEL: weak mead

  • MELOMEL: mead with added fruit

  • METHEGLIN/METHEGLEN: mead with spices or herbs

  • MULSUM/OMPHACOMEL/PYMENT: grape wine sweetened with honey

  • RHODOMEL: mead fermented with roses and honey

  • TEJ: a mead made by Ethiopians, to which powdered leaves and bark are added

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