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How to start bug bounty for beginners

Photo by Jonny Gios / Unsplash

So you want to be a hack super star? And live large, a big house, five cars. Let me preface this by saying that there are no shortcuts, it’ll take time and persistence.

Also know that you’re not alone on your journey! Check out my Bug Bounty Twitter list to find other hunters. A fun way to learn is by joining an inclusive bug bounty community.

I’ve selected the best beginners resources that I could find, setting you up for bug bounty success.

Sean (Zseano)

Putting Your Mind to It - Bug Bounties for 12 Months

If you put your mind to something, amazing things can happen. In this talk, Sean will give a basic run-down and tips on how to succeed in bug bounties in just 12 months.

Luke Stephens (Hakluke)

How to Crush Bug Bounties in the first 12 Months

This talk is perfect for anyone who has just started, or is about to start bug bounties. Luke lays out a roadmap for a new bug bounty hunter that can be applied to boost their knowledge and success in their first 12 months.

Katie Paxton-Fear (InsiderPhD)

1) Learn to Hack 2) Choose a Target 3) ??? 4) Get a Bounty

Finding your first bug is the biggest hurdle new folks to bug bounty need to overcome, but how you're supposed to do that is often a mystery. Katie breaks down some of the key issues to overcome — automation, recon, bugs to look for, and how on earth do you to hack anyway?

Ben Sadeghipour (NahamSec)

It’s the Little Things

Reconnaissance plays a huge role while hacking. While there are 100s of different tools available to make this process easier, you may not be maximizing your recon process without a working methodology. This methodology helps create an automated process that will actively look for vulnerabilities using OSINT and other well known recon tools.

Frans Rosén

Eliminating False Assumptions in Bug Bounties (Part 1)

Frans and Mathias have been in the mythical world of bounties for a few years and will share their thoughts and ideas on how to actually approach it technically, methodologically and mentally.

Mathias Karlsson (avlidienbrunn)

How to Differentiate Yourself as a Bug Bounty Hunter (Part 2)

Frans and Mathias show you how to use bug bounties for your own advantage, to improve your career and to increase your pentesting and vulnerability hunting skills.

Fredrik (STÖK)


So you want to get started with Bug Bounty? Maybe earn some extra cash while keeping the internet safe? Well here are 500+ free exercises to get you from zero to hero in no time!

Farah Hawa

Better Report Writing for Faster Triage Times

Ever since Farah started working as a triager, she has gotten some great insights about the other side of bug bounty & also learned a lot about good reports and how they lead to faster triage times. In this talk, she will share those insights and help hackers get their bug triaged faster!

Jason Haddix (jhaddix)

The Bug Hunter's Methodology Full 2-hour Training

Jason walks through his entire recon methodology and shows you how he approaches a live target.

Michael Skelton (Codingo)

How to duplicate less with Bug Bounties

A quick primer for bug bounty beginners explaining why you may dupe, how how to focus your time to find more valid bugs.