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NahamSec interview Filedescriptor

Note that during these interviews I also moderate thus quality may vary.


  • Bachelors degree computer science

  • Works at X as a pentester

  • Started bug bounties in 2014

  • First bug was N/A

  • 2015 take a look at Twitter

  • Didn’t take long to find an issue but thought it wasn’t one

  • Received $700 bounty = “simple” bug


  • Elementary school

  • Didn’t have a mentor

  • Doesn’t want to owe anyone

  • Finds it hard to ask for help

  • Wants to do it on his own

  • Ditched this mindset

  • It’s the community that matters

  • You take stuff and give back

  • Cannot keep up on your own


  • Doesn’t have cert

  • Doesn’t think cert is necessary


  • Useful in the long run

  • Required for more advanced bugs

  • Sometimes you have to make your own script/tool for a unique use-case

  • Javascript is recommended

  • Electron

  • Node.js

  • Postmessage

Not required for

  • IDOR

  • Logical flaws

  • Authentication bypass


  • Not a fan of tools

  • Likes to do things manual and get a deep understanding

  • Uses fiddler


  • filedescriptor, Ron Chan, and EdOverflow

  • Wasn’t a lot of reconless content out there for bug bounty

  • Original HackerOne videos were boring

  • Felt he was ready to make educational content

  • Clickjacking blog post got a lot of upvotes on HackerNews

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCp25j1Zh9vc_WFm-nB9fhQ


  • Doesn’t do bug bounties a lot unless it’s a live event

  • Highly competitive

  • Repetitive as his job is pen testing

  • Enjoys collaboration as he can focus solely on the hacking part


  • Never give up

  • wrong: if you fail a lot you start thinking that you cannot find any bugs

  • Imposter syndrome

  • He deals with it a lot

  • Want to prove yourself

  • Start comparing yourself to people that post write-ups of difficult bugs

  • Burn out

  • Still burned out

  • Enjoys technical aspect, bypasses etc.

  • Proponent of hack to learn

  • During the process you learn the most