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What's Buzzin' - The Best of Security and Tech of March 2024

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Hi friends,

Another month has flown by. That means, another roundup of the best of tech and security from the Hive!

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Table of Contents

  1. Hive Five 164: Security 101 by Microsoft is a course designed to teach you fundamental cyber security concepts to kick-start your security learning. It is vendor agnostic and is divided into small lessons that should take around 30-60 mins to complete. GITHUB

  2. Hive Five 165: Sam Curry and friends hack the planet, including a remote hack of millions of cars. Other targets consist of scooters, routers, domain providers, and more. YOUTUBE

  3. Hive Five 165: Docker Security: Step-by-Step Hardening guide. This article provides practical recommendations for configuring Docker platform aimed at increasing its security. It also suggests tools helpful in automation of some tasks related to securing Docker. REYNARDSEC

  4. Hive Five 164: In this comprehensive guide, Reza delves into the world of iOS security from an offensive perspective, shedding light on the various techniques and methodologies used by attackers to compromise iOS devices and infiltrate their sensitive data. HASHNODE

  5. Hive Five 163: Top 10 free OSINT tools (with demos) for 2024. They cover What’s my name Web, Web Archive, Search By Image, Obsidian, and more. YOUTUBE

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