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What's Buzzin' - The Best of InfoSec, Tech, and Productivity of April 2024

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Hi friends,

Another month has flown by. That means, another roundup of the best of infosec, tech, and productivity from the Hive!

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Whether you're a longtime subscriber or new to the Hive, I’ll will keep exploring meaningful tech, security, and productivity content to help you become more effective and efficient.

Table of Contents

  1. Hive Five 168: 60 Hacking Commands You Need to Know: Discover essential hacking commands and techniques. MORE

  2. Hive Five 167: I started a YouTube channel and published my first video. Check it out! MORE

  3. Hive Five 168: HTTP Toolkit is a beautiful & open-source tool for debugging, testing and building with HTTP(S) on Windows, Linux & Mac. MORE

  4. Hive Five 167: Principal Threat Researcher Tom shares his favorite tools that most are not taking advantage of: Aeon Timeline, Validin, Stairwell, Synapse Enterprise, and GaboRE — I've never heard of any of these, which I find fascinating. He also has an in-depth write-up on how he uses Aeon. MORE

  5. Hive Five 168: Learning in public with Personal Knowledge Management. Make what you learn observable and exposing your process, rather than your result, early and often. MORE

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